Jesse Owens vs. Adolf Hitler: Berlin 1936bOlympics

Adolf Hitler led the German army as they walked into the Berlin Olympic Stadium with a narcissist look on his face. Hitler had his planned mapped out to display his athletes (the Aryan race) who he felt were superior to any other race. He walked into the stadium as the crowd stood to give him the Nazi salute. I guess he didn’t get the memo that an African- American by the name of Jesse Owens will be representing the United States. A year prior to the Olympics, Owens, broke three recorded world records and tied another in the Big Ten Track and Field Championships in Michigan. But, maybe he did get the memo seeing that he chastised the US for utilizing what Hitler viewed African American as being “non-humans’.

Now the day has come for Hitler to show forth his stallions, as the 100-meter dash was getting ready to take place. Owens was ready as he rose at the command “get-set” and jetted out as the gun fired and captured his first gold metal. His teammate Metcalfe finished in 10.4 seconds to get the second place silver medal.

Owens then prepared himself for the long jump. After his first two attempts ended in a foul, he played his next one safe. Owens then leaped before the mark of the usual take off spot to qualify for the finals. It was in the finals when Jesse Owens snatched another gold medal jumping 26.5 feet.

Now, even more focused and encouraged Owens was ready to tackle his next challenge in the 200-meter dash. Running in the same heat with Owens was Jackie Robinson’s older brother Mack. Owens at the sound of the gun hit the curve with a commanding lead and triumph into his third gold medal and setting the Olympic record with a time of 20.7 seconds.

The fourth gold medal for Owens came as a team effort in the 4×1 relay. This event was noted to be a controversial event. It was recorded that Hitler was embarrassed of getting beat by the different races, that he didn’t want to further the embarrassment by allowing 2 Jews run in the relay race for the United States and asked the Berlin officials to have them replaced. The United States replaced the Jews with Owens and Metcalfe and Owens leading the US team went on to set the World record by a time of 39.8, thus giving Owens his fourth gold medal for the Berlin 1936 Olympics.

Because of the many defeats Hitler was facing losing to not only Jesse Owens, but to other African American’s and other races, he seldom came to the events because of his embarrassment. However, nothing was greater than Jesse Owens singly winning 4 gold medals. On that day, one man, Jesse Owens changed the world. He dismantled the belief that Hitler’s Aryan race was superior. A grandson of a slave defeated all odds and conquered every obstacle defeating Hitler 4-0.



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  1. June 20, 1936, Jesse Owens broke the world record in the 100 m 10 s 2. A month and a half later, the Summer Olympics of 1936, taking place at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Owens won four gold medals in front of Adolf Hitler, inflicting a stinging denial of Nazi theories the alleged superiority of the Aryan race.

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